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New course @ ULaval: Theory and application of Biomicrofluidic (GEL-4073/GEL-7073)

posted Dec 15, 2014, 8:31 AM by Amine M

A new course covering the theory and application of Bio microfluidic will be offered next semester (Winter 2015, GEL-4073/GEL-7073) at the electrical and computer engineering department at Laval University. The course will be given by Prof. Amine Miled.

In this course different aspects related to microfluidic will be covered such as liquid flows, particle manipulation with electrical and magnetic field, particle manipulation with Ultra wave, Optics in microfluidic, microfluidic microfabrication and packaging.

Labs will be related to the use of finite element modeling for microfluidic such as ANSYS.

There is no final exam. Course evaluation will mainly focuses on 5 small quiz (35%), 1 Course project (40%) and 2 labs (25%). 

This course will be offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. To subscribe to this course please use the Laval University course subscription system.

Attached the course plan for the 2015 winter semester.

For more information, you may contact Professor Amine Miled (

Amine M,
Dec 15, 2014, 8:31 AM